Nailing It 12: Don’t start again. Go Again - Stephanie Campanella

Nailing It 12: Don’t start again. Go Again

Stephanie Campanella
December 4th 2018

If you’re building a race car and taking it on the track only to find you can’t quite get enough power out of it. Or, it doesn’t quite stick around the corners.


Do you throw your entire race car out? Or do you tweak one thing.

I’ve got some webinars and Facebook ads going out and they’re not quite doing what I wanted. They’re not moving people from get to know me. To book a call with me.


So do I throw the entire campaign out and start from scratch?

No. How do I not know – that I might be so close. It’s just the call to action. I’d hate to lose all that momentum and come to a complete stop.

I see this in businesses all the time.
The campaign they started is not working. So they simply just stop.

Instead you should be changing the message. Tweaking the content.


What you want to do is go again.
Don’t change direction and start all over again.
Go back and look at your content.
What’s one thing we can change which might make an impact.

I’ll change the heading.
Go again.
Change the runway – the 7 days of awareness leading up to the main event.

Go again.

I’ll change the call to action or the free thing.

Then I’ll wait. Test. And breathe. And go again.


What you want to have is a control ad. Or control page.

Your control ad is the piece of content that’s currently winning.

The control ad is the page or ad that gets tested against everything else.

I’ve made a short Video for you – Check it out here:

Facebook Control Ad from Stephanie Campanella on Vimeo.


If you’re not running ads. Or publishing webinars – you can take this knowledge and use it on your website.

Take a web page that is attracting attention – (use google analytics to work this out).

Take a look at your page and ask yourself.


What’s missing?
A call to action?
A photo?
A testimonial?
A link to the next thing you want to show them?


Make the changes and watch the change in outcome.

I want you to take this little challenge and ‘go again’