Your Digital Marketing Nailed: Nail Your Instagram - Stephanie Campanella

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Are you ON Instagram, or are you USING Instagram to drive people to your business?

Does the time it takes to post on Instagram STRESS you out?

Instagram has 800+ million users and growing EVERY DAY. Instagram boasts the highest engagement of all the social platforms. Especially after Facebooks Armageddon drop on January 11 2018.

Here’s our agenda for the afternoon.

  • What’s Instagrams latest tools & elements which you can use to engage with your audience
  • How to plan a month of content
  • Learn simple ways of how to never run out of ideas on Instagram
  • As always we’ll include some question time.


  • You only post when you remember
  • You only post when you remember you have a promotion on
  • There is no flow or design
  • Not focused on one-on-one connections
  • Posting with haste and no intention
  • Have no plan – What even is a plan!
  • Are you tired of using Instagram as a little box you tick for marketing.

Are you sick of blaming the algorithm?

Understand, WHY you should use Instagram

Understand WHAT you can do with Instagram

And! Understand HOW you can convert conversations into conversions.