Nailing It 01: How do I get more Google Reviews? - Stephanie Campanella

Nailing It 01: How do I get more Google Reviews?

Stephanie Campanella
February 26th 2018

Hey everybody, welcome back to your digital marketing. This is very quick, but I just wanted to answer this very simple question, How do I get more reviews?


The most simple answer to get more Google reviews, or more Facebook reviews is to simply ask for them. I know it sounds crazy, but if you just ask, you might get some more reviews. Okay, so the most simplest way to do this, is to make it part of your sales process. So, as someone walks through your business, your sales process, they meet you, they know, you they like you, they trust you, they buy from you, they walk through the process, they finish, you package it up and they walk away, they need an email or a phone call. They need some sort of communication with you to say, “Thank you so much for working with us and we would really love if you could write us a review. Good or bad it helps us grow.” That’s actually one of my emails that I have that goes out to customers. Literally, Good or bad, feedback helps us grow.


Okay. So, where do we send these people? And how do we actually get them to write something? What you could do is you could send them to a survey first on the internet, and you’ve got five questions that they need to answer, and then they can just jot down their answers and then hit send. And then you get their testimonial back. What this might allow you to do is to kinda of gauge where the good responses are, and where the negative responses are.


One question within your survey would be, would it be okay if we also followed you up so that you could write us a Google review? (PAUSE) We can show you how simple this is to do, and it would mean so much to our business. So, a survey upfront is quite a good way of getting feedback. People find it very hard to just write off the cusp their experience with you. Hello, no one has any time. But it’s very had to just say, “Hey can you write me a review?” And then they just kind of go stone cold and think, “Oh God, I mean the experience was great but what am I gonna say? What am I gonna write? When am I gonna find the time to do this?” And all the other little voices inside of their head.


So, make it easy for them. Put some questions forward, and get them to answer the questions. Where did you find us? What was your experience like? Was there a peak in our performance? Was there any dips in our performance? Are you happy with the end result? Feed them some questions, so that they’ve actually got some content to work with. You could very well prime them with a survey, or you could literally just send them straight to your Google My Business page, or straight to your Facebook for reviews.


Now I personally love Google My Business reviews over any other review in the world. Because, it’s Google. And Google is god. Google is not going anywhere, it’s the biggest search engine on the planet. I haven’t been to Mars yet, but I don’t think there’s anything going on over there. So Google is the boss. It’s the thing. So, why would you want to push reviews on your Facebook page so that you’ve got a five star review on your Facebook page? Woo. I’d rather have five star reviews on my Google My Business page. Because being high up in the rankings in Google gets me work, and guess what? The reviews help me in the local pack, in the local search. So, I am super hungry of reviews on my Google My Business page.

I just wanted to put it out there, that it is simple to get reviews, we just have to ask. A, you gotta do good work I guess, otherwise, no one’s gonna leave you a review, duh. But if you’re concerned about the response, then definitely write them a little word doc even, and just flick it over to them via email or ask a couple of question in email, or put a survey together using Survey Monkey or whatever other survey software you like to use, and simply get some responses. Or just send them straight to your Google My Business page.


I have an awesome little plugin on my website, and it’s the Google My Business plugin because I’m really charging, I am steaming ahead for more reviews, and you can see the little widget pop up. I think from the bottom left of the website. You can literally just click that, and bam, it connects straight to my Google Business page, and gets the person to leave a review. So, it’s super easy to do it that way.


I hope that was helpful. It’s super short and quick. But everyone should be focusing on reviews, reviews help in the SERPS, in the search engine results page in Google, so you definitely wanna be making sure that you’ve got reviews. You might be in the local pack, and you’re almost outranking your competitors. And then you get five more reviews and Google sees that, and then bam, you get bumped up. So, it’s very important to chase these.


Aright, I’m over and I’m out.