Nailing It 11: How to find your niche and stick to it? - Stephanie Campanella

Nailing It 11: How to find your niche and stick to it?

Stephanie Campanella
November 27th 2018

Welcome to Nailing it. With Stephanie Campanella.

I promise to share with you the ins and outs. My failures. My Successes and all my secrets!


How to find your niche and stick to it?

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me “Your Tradies Niche is Fantastic!” I’d be a squillionaire by now.


Everyone always asks.

  • How’d you pick a niche
  • Why’d you pick this niche
  • But doesn’t niching mean I have LESS clients?
  • Can you help me find my niche
  • I don’t know where to start.

Firstly, your niche isn’t going to find you. Your passion and purpose doesn’t just find you.
You have to find it – you have to PICK it.


How & Why did I pick my niche.
For me – I knew nicheing was a super highway I wanted to get on – I knew it was the easiest way to become an authority.
Just pick a subject and stay on it.

First – I audited my business.
I listed all the types of businesses I had helped and surprisingly – it was tradies. 35% of my client base was tradies.

So technically I WAS ALREADY niched.

I just hadn’t stepped into the space.

Won’t Niching mean you have LESS Clients.

Niching means you’ll be able to charge TOP DOLLAR for your service.
Cause you’re the expert!!!!

It means all your marketing that you do will cut straight through and into the ears and eyes of the exact person you want to help.

The more Specific you can be with your niche picking, the easier it is to understand them.

I was on a call with a client this morning and he said – he wanted to focus on helping Online Course Creators.
So I asked him who he was targeting: Online Course Builders

But then I asked him to niche down further.
Like – Online Course Builders in the Fitness Industry.
Or Online Course builders for people going from offline to online

When we go deep and focus on 1 particular niche – it’s so much easier to build repour with these customers. It’s like magic ! Your marketing message can cut right to them and focus deeply on solving their problem.


I don’t know where to start. Can you help me find my Niche?
Guys. This is a cry for help.
‘I don’t know where to start’ basically means – you have a fear of getting it wrong.
A Fear of Failure.

In my coaching community – my peers coined a hashtag for me.
Which translates to:


What Would Steph Do.
She would Dive right in and look fear dead in the eye. Do it anyway – Just go for it.

And that’s exactly what you need to do.

Just get started.
Just pull out a pen and write down what you love doing.
What are you passionate about?
What gives you the BEST Feeling – Like you OWNED the day?

The only way to know if the niche is right for you is if you actually starting working in it.

When I niched I found it was like this beacon of light switched on. And all of a sudden every tradie business came knocking.

Don’t let the fear of saying no to prospects stop you from saying yes to your perfect customer.
The customer you love hanging out with.


Who cares if it doesn’t work out. At least you gave it a go and you have some new learnings!

Start hanging out with your niche.
Get to know them.
Get to know how they work.

If you step up. And get out there. You’ll start to see things appear in front of you. They would never be there if you never stepped up.

So you gotta step up.


Don’t put pressure on yourself.
Try a few if can’t pick one.

Give each a go for 90 days.
Did you like hanging out with these people?
Did you find you gave them massive value?
Did they have an impact because of you?

You might not realise how much impact you’re creating cause you’re too close to it.

Step out. And realise you’ve come a long way. And people want what you have.
People value what you have.

Don’t worry about being stuck.
Step into your new niche. Your new purpose.

If you don’t love it. Step out!!!
It was simply your purpose for the moment.

And seriously. Don’t worry about picking the wrong one.
Cause as soon as this one is solid. And you love it. And it’s working like a machine.
A new purpose will show up.

And you’ll be like dammmm. I love this. Let’s do this too.

Don’t be paralysed by fear of making the wrong choice.
Stop taking new courses.
Stop taking in new information.
No gurus to follow. New opinions that matter to you.

Simply pick a path. And follow it.
Make the commitment. And jump in.
Do the damm thing.

I know you’re passionate about making this work.
The longer you delay your start. The longer it’ll take to get your win.

You can’t win unless you’ve had failures on the way.

Sooooo. Can you start.
Can you rip the bandaid off.

I have a consulting client who doesn’t feel right about his branding. And he kept bringing it up.

The brand doesn’t feel right.
I always have to explain the name to people.

Omg. Rip off the band aid and just make the change.

And move forward knowing you’ve stepped into your new power.


Let me know how this episode allowed you and enabled you to take action.


I guarantee tomorrow’s self will thank you for starting today.

Thank you!!!