Nailing It 20: Loyalty in Business - Stephanie Campanella

Nailing It 20: Loyalty in Business

Stephanie Campanella
July 11th 2019

Hey, crew, what up? I just want to share a little insight about loyalty and repeat customers. So often, we can get pitched for a job, and the customer can come in and say, “Hey, I’ve actually got two of these I need to get done, so what’s the best price you can give me, and let’s put two of these together.”


Now, I am thinking back to a particular customer a few years ago, in the construction niche, and yeah, literally, we spoke about two businesses that he wanted to launch, and as far as I understood from the other end of the pitch, we were going to do one brand first, and then we would launch it, we would duplicate exactly what we’ve done because he wants the thing to look exactly the same, and then we’d just add a new logo and we’d go again. Of course, as soon as we launched Project A, Project B disappeared.


Don’t fall for that. There is no need to discount a service when you’re rolling out two for a customer. I just do not think that is a thing, because it takes you an estimate of time to deliver a project. Now, just because someone has two projects that they want you to deliver for them, doesn’t mean that you should discount the second one by 50%. You’ve still got taxes to pay. You’ve still got wages to pay. You’ve got staff. You’ve got super. You’ve got all the deliverability sections of that project. You’ve got your time that you’re allocating to that, so I don’t know how you chop that in half.


I just wanted to just open up the podcast today and give you a quick win, and give you some confidence to say, you owe that customer nothing, and if they are a brilliant customer, which I’m sure they are because that’s why they’re working with you, then you want to be able to give your full attention, and your full heart and soul, into a project, and that’s … I mean, price is just the thing that, it’s the exchange of money that happens when you do a thing, and so every time you exchange your time, you need to get paid for that time.


Do not give into that sweet talk, you know, “Hey, baby, I’ve got two for you here.” It’s like, “No.” Like, “No, I will not be doing the second one for 50%.” Yeah, there was one client in particular that did this, and literally, I had the email in ActiveCampaign there, and it went out, and I was like, “Hey, so-and-so, now that we’ve launched Project A, I would like to start briefing for Project B,” and boom, in an instant, a cold email came back and was like, “Yeah, we don’t need that.” Just bam, full stop, like straight … back into the park. It’s like, “Oh, right, so you were literally just sweet talking me to try and get Project A at the best price possible, and make it sound so simple.”


This is why, guys, you’ve got to follow your own process. You need to have a set process in place, of exactly what you deliver, for exactly how much time, and exactly how many employees it’s going to take to deliver that damned thing, and that’s the scope, and that’s what you stick you, and your client needs to fit into that scope, and into that time, or into that project, and if they do not fit into that project, then you need to walk away.


Inside the Facebook community this week, someone asked, you know, I made a post about helping people, and if you don’t know the problem, if you cannot articulate the problem that your customer is having better than they are, and you cannot articulate a perfect and clear solution, then why are you working with that person? Of course, everybody needs help, but maybe you’re the wrong superhero for that customer, yeah?


Think about it. Are you like Phantom? Are you the ghost that walks? Are you Spider-Man? Are you going to crawl up the building? Are you Batman? Are you going to do it in the middle of the night and put a big bat symbol out? I mean, think about yourself as this … Or, what’s that, Liam Nielsen, I think it is, you have a specific set of skills, and I will apply those skills to your project, only if you fit the project niche or scope. Yeah, anyway, I just wanted to leave this one with you, let it sit with you, all right.


I think this one’s only, like, five minutes, but it was just this thought that I had, and I really wanted to get out there, so that you could have a quick listen and then get back to doing business the way that you designed your business, because business is a game, and you set the rules of the game, and then you play the game, and then people come to the board and they play with you, okay.


So when think about business this way, it’s your game that you’re going to play, all right. Anyway, I’m rambling. Thank you so much, Tina, I really appreciate your review. All right, ciao, until next time.