November Intensives - Stephanie Campanella

Simplify your business.
Accelerate Your growth.

Welcome to The November Intensives | The Crowie, Australia

An intimate, exclusive one day event that’ll bring you the clarity you need to re-focus on the coming years goals and grow faster than ever in 2020.

I’m looking forward to working with you at the November Intensives on November 21 - 22. This page has all the details you’ll need…

Super Early Bird tickets are on sale now.

Here’s what to do right now…

  • One Full day of masterminding and coaching.
  • 30 Minute hotseat on you and your business
  • Morning and Afternoon Coffee networking
  • Lunch! And Drinks

Stephanie Campanella

I’m a school failing kinda girl. Used to getting D’s and Es. I never quite ‘got’ school nor could I spell and I STILL can’t count. In 2009 I studied Graphic Design and fell in love with it. I left TAFE and went onto work in the Web Design field. In April 2011 at 2pm I was retrenched from my full time job. I couldn’t even go home as the bus service didn’t start till 4pm so I sat alone in St Leonards and pondered my future.

What I realised was: I was a badass. I was never not going to have control ever again. I’ll never work for someone else ever again. I will forge my OWN DESTINY.

Here’s what to do right now…

  • Block out November 21 - 22 in your calendar right now.
    Add November 21 if you have been a member for more than one year..
  • Book your flights and accommodation (if you need to)
  • Get ready to take your business to the next level of profit and simplicity

Where is it?


Manly Pavilion


1 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065, Australia


Click here to see the map


Are there any parking spaces available?

Parking spaces are available near Crows Nest Hotel.
Check map below for specific locations.

Where should I stay?

There are many accommodation options to choose from in Crows Nest Hotel.
Just go to Google and search for "Hotels near Crows Nest"


What time do we start and finish each day?

Arrive between 8:30-8:45am to grab a coffee and make sure you’re
ready for kickoff. We start at 9:00am sharp. We finish at 5pm both days,
so you’ll be able to catch an evening flight home on Friday if you need to.


What should I bring?

Workbooks, pens and everything you need will be provided.
Bring your laptop just in case, but for sure, you will need your smartphone.


Is there a dress code? What should I wear?

Clothes. Other than that, whatever you feel comfortable in. There’s only ONE BIG NO-NO: I have a ‘no ties’ rule, and I’ll probably be in jeans and a shirt. You do whatever feels right for you.

If you signed up for the optional activities on Friday morning (Workout, Yoga, etc) bring appropriate clothes.


I heard there is something secret happening on Thursday night. Is that true?

Yes. I’m sworn to secrecy, but there is something special happening on
Thursday night. It’s more than dinner, but I can’t say more than that.
Please keep the evening free. You’ll be very glad you did.


My question wasn’t answered. Can you help me?

Absolutely! — My crew's got your back. Hit them up with
an email to