YDMN 04: The Content Mothership - Stephanie Campanella

YDMN 04: The Content Mothership

Stephanie Campanella
April 10th 2018

This is your digital marketing nailed with Stephanie Campanella. Episode four. Quattro. The mothership. The content mothership.

Well hello! Now first of all I would like to say thank you to the beautiful iTunes review that said to me, it wouldn’t matter what I was speaking about even if I was reading the dictionary they would still listen.

I am pumped. Thank you so much for that review you have no idea how warm and fuzzy you’ve made me feel here in my lovely office. Okay so, what I am doing today … well my brain is in overdrive because I have a big hairy audacious goal. I’m still not quite ready to let the whole world know what I am chasing, but I have a big hairy audacious goal and for me to meet that goal, I’ve got some serious content to create.

Now I always scratch my head when business owners don’t do marketing or they ask for return on investment on something so minuscule as just managing your website. I think it’s pretty important. I am not sure what the return on investment would be if your website is down. But anyways, that’s something for another day. Okay so, what I am doing this morning right now is I’m building a content plan. So I’m in Google spreadsheets because I freaking love Google. So I’m on Google spreadsheets and I have named my spreadsheet The Mothership – The Content Mothership. I love using like big words because I am shooting for the stars here.

So the name of the spreadsheet needs to match this. It’s all about theming and framing. Okay so, I … I mean I have always had content calendars. I needed everything in the same place because I have so much going on and so many channels including this podcast and it’s so nice to make sure it all goes out. So I just needed everything in one place.

Okay so, let’s dissect this Google spreadsheet here. My diary, this is going to be like my bible. This goes out to the team. This makes sure that everyone knows what’s going on and when it’s due and it’s all scheduled and I can sort of say and theme and you know things can start to … like a bull run down a hill. It’s gonna start picking up traction because it’s all being planned in all the same place rather than just sporadically thinking about topics.

Alright the spreadsheet is … and I’m actually gonna put a blank one of these on the blog article so lookout for that. Okay so, the first column, column A is published date. So it’s got the published date. So when does this piece of content needs to go out? So for example on the 10th of April, the fourth episode of Your Digital Marketing Nailed that needs to go out. So published date 10th of April.

The next column, column B is what. So what is it? So … and I’ve made a bit of a code here so I got the SD EDM, which is the Summit Digital EDM. I need to put out an email out for some digital clients. I got the YDMN 04, so that’s the Your Digital Marketing Nailed 04. I’ve got Tradie Tuesday to do. I’ve got Bonjoro videos to create. So there is a whole bunch of stuff that is of repetitive task here. So again, published date is the 10th of April and what is it? It’s the YDMN 04. So it’s the you know the fourth episode.

Column C is the content direction, so this is a bit of a note to say you know what is it. So I’ve put here the Content Mothership and that’s the title of this podcast as well. A couple other examples are later in the week I got produce Bonjoro content and thank people. So I create a video every Friday and thank people that have subscribed to us. If you’ve done a certain something, you might get one of those.

So the published date the 10th of April. What is it? It’s a YDMN 04 Make Your Own. Content direction is The Content Mothership. The audience … so like this might not be applicable for yourself but for me … like I got my summit digital stuff, I’ve got my Tradies Go stuff, I’ve got my Steph Campanella stuff. SO there’s a lot to do.

So I make sure that the audience is really clear. I then got some metrics, I then got open rates, downloads and likes and I will get one of my crew to drop all that data in. I’ve then also got then a column for notes. So for example later on today it’s Tuesday, so there is a Tradies Tuesday coming up. In the notes here I’ve got talk about taking a photo when you get on the job and you put before and after. So I’ve got some stuff I only know that is what this notes mean notes.

I am sure you speak in that language too. Yeah, so that’s basically the ideal plan is that now I can set dates for things and I can code things so I that I know what’s coming up or what’s when. Because I mean I need to put emails out. I got blog posts to put out. I’ve got YouTube videos to update and create. I’ve got Bonjoro videos to create interactions, real interactions.

I got Tradie Tuesday, like there’s an event happening in July. So there is so much to do. And if it’s not all in one big sort of spreadsheet like this, then it’s a bit hard to grasps how it’s all going to come together. You might miss one. So creating my content mothership has really helped give me clarity as to what I am going to do over the next 60 days. It’s really helped my staff. You know if you are one man band, it will really help the marketing team that’s helping you maybe putting some designs together.

Because they are going to know they need to produce a Facebook cover photo for this event. Or they need to produce a YouTube card for an upcoming video that is about to be produced or they … you know your teammates might now know that something called awesome Facebook strategies for tradies like … you know what I mean? It’s all there black and white. So I am going to leave a copy of the spreadsheet on the website.

Click it, open it, copy it, make it your own etc. Just take it away. And hopefully you can sit down and you can use this and you can create clarity for your own business. So yes.

Alright, anyway so I really hope that this episode what of massive value to you. I am simply at every point when I am sitting here doing what I do, I think would someone find value in this. And I literally yeah I throw the mic across to my face and I just hit record.

So yes, if this was of value to you, please do me a favor … you know subscribe to the show, write me an email back or hell, jump on Twitter. I’m talking on Twitter all the time about my brand new Nintendo Switch what do you say, obsession. I am extremely obsessed with the Nintendo Switch. I just got Splatoon 2. Anyways that’s a whole other thing.

And thank you so much to all those who have left a review. Honestly I am so chaffed. You know, anytime I share anything in my Facebook page. Any time I share something on Facebook I always get like a massive influx of people coming and saying hey that’s awesome.

When you actually read like the reviews on your iTunes podcasts … you know just sort of subscription there I guess, you have no idea who these people are. Well you might because you might see their real name. But otherwise it may be something completely different. And it’s like oh man oh man you guys make my heart skip a beat. I am so in love.

Anyway, alright awesome. Well that’s it. I am officially signing out. Anyway have a lovely day.

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