TOOLS OF TRADE - Stephanie Campanella

Email Marketing. Marketing Automation. Sales CRM. Messaging. What made us get the credit card out was the Dashboard Deal manager which is integrated into an email marketing tool. Freaking amazing.

I love Google Drive, as I can share documents and spreadsheets with clients and team members. We can all be working on the same document at the same time, with a complete version history.

The documents also work perfectly on my iPhone - so I can pull up anything in a flash while I cruise around the city.

Increase sales and build lasting customer relationships with EasyWebinar’s automated and interactive webinar software. It’s easy for everyone!

As a trained Graphic Designer - I simply jump into Adobe Photoshop and get creative - but Canva is changing this. Canva is a simple graphics tool which allows anyone to simply create amazing graphics. No previous design skills needed, just use their templates and get your social graphics sorted.

With hundreds of projects and campaigns running at the same time, it's almost impossible to manage this without a project managing tool. Again - these guys have an amazing app - so as I jump on the train to work, I can see all my jobs, the status and where everything is at. very simple to use.

Social media is a massive time suck - but it doesn't have to be. Managing accounts for your various social media channels can be a chore - but I like to spend 1 hour each monday and organise my whole week - how do I do this? Buffer. Buffer allows me to jump in and schedule everything all at once.

I love and use eCamm Live for all my Facebook live broadcasts. The ease of use for dropping and dragging in content straight into the live sequence is awesome.

If you want simple emails that’ll convert. Convert Kit is your number #1. The simplicity and automation tools are next level.

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems.

It's the walkie talkie you used in the 90s. Brilliant way to quickly let everyone know where you're at. I simply jump into Voxr on my iPhone and let my Va's know exactly what needs to be actioned. Sometimes words are better than text.

Anytime I need anything transcribed I use Rev (my podcast recordings, youtube videos, client meetings etc). It's got simple upfront pricing - and the most important thing is the content comes back pretty spot on.

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Save time scheduling to Pinterest and Instagram, post at the best times for engagement, grow together with Tribes, get more actionable analytics. Start free!

You simply must take internet security seriously. You can not have the same password across online tech tools. Invest in a password manager. 1Password is the most loved tool by cybersecurity experts. I love it as I can share secure login information with my team without them seeing the actual password. So everyone's working safer.

Do you want to be the master of your own website? We're more than happy for your to host your own website - but do your business a favour use a reputable host. We trust these guys.

Time is money and if you're not tracking your teams time against your billing, you're leaving profit on the table. What seemed like a well priced product can quickly get the best of you. I trust HubStaff to manage my team time.

Looking to hire but don't actually want to do the hiring? I love Outsourcing Angel and they can totally help find the perfect VA for you.