Nailing It 29: Nail The Niche - Stephanie Campanella

Nailing It 29: Nail The Niche

Stephanie Campanella
November 14th 2019

Hey crew, and welcome back to another episode of Nailing It. You’ve just got me here today, little old me, Steph Campanella. So, tune in. This is going to be awesome.

What I’ve got for you is an announcement. So we nailed the niche. We launched Nail the Niche probably a few weeks ago now, depending on when you listen to this episode. Fantastic launch, very clean, we got the number that we really wanted. So we’ve got a small sort of intimate amount of students in there right now nailing their niche, working through it all. I don’t think anything can make me more happy to see this come to life and to come to fruition, I guess.
What I wanted to talk about was, what the hell is Nail the Niche? There’s three principles that make up the entire course, and they are: Find and Align with your Niche, Productise and Systemise your Offer, and Lead Nurture Machine On.

Of the three core pillars… The course basically helps you lock in and set focus and target on a niche. Because if you really want lead generation, ultimate lead generation, you want people knocking down your door, searching high and low for you, then you need to pick an ideal customer. You need to pick a niche. So the first few topics help you walk through some exercises so that you can validate your niche, you can connect with them, you can make sure you know where they’re hanging out and start hanging out with them basically and get to know them. So that’s really cool.

That second pillar, product productise and systemise your offer. There is nothing better than following a system. And in fact if you want to bring somebody else on it, then that’s the only way that you’re going to be able to do this. You must get your business out of your head and you must get it down on paper. So really getting some product-ization or processes and some systems in place to make sure that you are following the same damn step every single session. So every time someone jumps on a call with you, you have the same conversation with that person. Anytime someone, before they even get on a call with you, what’s that process look like? It needs to be the same process. It needs to be an absolute… Step one, step two, step three, step four. The whole thing needs to be laid out. So in that pillar, those topics cover that content.

That third pillar, lead nurture machine on. The topics inside that pillar really help you do the thing and get you actually nurturing leads, sitting your site up so that you can actually connect with people in whichever way that you are considering. But setting up so that when you do get leads in, then what? What happens? How do you actually nurture these guys and get them to work with you? There’s also a whole bunch of tools that I’ll walk through that I would not be without because automation is king. And so that also is in the back of that section too.

So of those three core pillars, there are six lessons.
1. Onboarding
2. Finding and Aligning with your Niche
3. Productise and systemise your Offer
4. Setting up your Launch Pad
5. Switching Marketing Magnetism On
6. and the Wrap Up.

Those are the six lessons that then house all the topics… And my God, how many topics are there? I think there’s like 36 or something, I don’t know. Let’s call it 40 different topics for you to walk through, so that you have absolute clarity to make sure that you nail the niche.

The bonus thing here is that we also have Implementation Hour, so every Tuesday, 9:00 AM Sydney, Australia time. We actually jump into a zoom call and we go over the lesson and the content. We go over where everyone’s at with their niche. I ask the very awkward question of, have you picked your niche yet? And I wait for a response. Because you must niche in order to have success. I truly, truly believe that so much in the pit of my stomach. You really must niche in order to make a difference and in order for people to truly understand that they belong with you.

(should put a purple overlay over the image and put ‘Implementation Hour’)

The big thing is, sure, picking a niche is the first step. But the second step there is really setting up your launch pad. What the hell are you going to sell to these people? You can’t be selling everything. I’ve gone from selling 25,000 different things to just selling one thing and that’s when we had success. So I walk you through the exact steps to that inside the course. It’s an awesome course and I’m already getting some amazing feedback, which is cool, from those fellow niche nailers. If you are listening, that is perfect. Hell, write a review on the podcast for me.

Well that was short and sweet and brief. If you are struggling in business and you don’t have any leads knocking down your door, then come and bark up this tree, and take a look at Nail the Niche, because it might just be exactly what you needed. All right, adios Amigos. Ciao.