Wordpress Mentoring - Stephanie Campanella

WordPress Metoring

How does she do it?
Coming from a non-tech background you may wonder how Steph has built a 6 figure WordPress business.

It comes back to an earlier blog post featured on the Ugurus website. Driving for daylight.

Simply setting your sights and moving rapidly towards them.

Stephanie is a big character and a part of many online programs both student and teacher.

She has just opened up her mentoring moments so you can basically - ask her how she does it.

Steph will listen to where you’re at in the business and help move you forward.


Steph knows - that you have the answers. It’s just nobody is asking you the right questions. So those answers are being buried underneath everything else you’re focusing on.

Option one:
A one hour mentoring session. Bring your die hard questions and the two of you will meet online in a to discuss your solutions.

Option two:
3 sessions, at one hour each. This is your best option if your heads a big mess. Steph will help you uncover your unique path and get you going.

Steph’s strengths lay in:

  • Processes
  • Delegation
  • Staffing
  • Focus
  • 90 day action goal settings
  • Lead generation
  • Communication

If you’re suffering from any of the above issues. Lock in a mentoring session with Stephanie.

Contact stephanie@stephaniecampanella.com.au