Nailing It 09: There Are No Blind Dates in Business - Stephanie Campanella

Nailing It 09: There Are No Blind Dates in Business

Stephanie Campanella
October 23rd 2018

There are no blind dates in business. Let’s just put that out there. In matter of fact, before someone buys from you, interacts with you, engages with you, they already know everything they can about you. They already know everything that they can find on the internet about you. So, my question is, what is on the internet that your potential new customers are reading about you?

Okay, so this comes back to episode 1: How do I get more Google Reviews? right? We should all have a system in place that allows us to create and grab good grade customer reviews. Particularly on Google. There is literally something about to blow up on Facebook regarding their reviews, so don’t push for Facebook Reviews. If you’re going to push for reviews, make sure you’re pushing for Google reviews.

They work for your organic SEO, they make you come up in the general listing.

People already know you before you walk in the door, and it depends on how good you are at producing content as to how well they’ll know you… Do they know your dog? That’s what you want. I want people to me you so well, that they know that I have a pug and his name is Stingers and, this is actually new, but we wanna get another one and we wanna call him Julio. He’s gonna be a black pug, so we’ve got a fawn pug and a black pug. Stingers and Julio. Julio is the much more Spanish pug. Anyway, I’m not talking about my dog.

There are no blind dates in business.
People already stalk you, they already know everything there is to find out about you, and we control this. So, what can you do to put as much good information out there about yourself?

I think the best thing you can do, for starters, is create video content. Jump on your Instagram, if you don’t have an Instagram account, you should get one. Just simply Google, ‘how do I start an Instagram channel’, and it’ll all be there.

We should be producing video content on Instagram, we should be creating video content live on Facebook. I love going live on Facebook. I love building a YouTube channel, I love my YouTube channel, and that’s a great way for people to get to know me. All those YouTube videos that I create can all go onto my website. So, I literally generated a brand new client, from a video that I created, I think back in March 2018, regarding a certain subject on a certain online thing, they recently watched that video and that is why they called me.
Boom. Video Works.

They knew exactly who I am, they knew my mannerisms, I was on a video for like seven minutes. They know I’ve got brown hair, brown eyes…. The client mentioned that video more than once. ‘..yeah, you talked about it on the video that I saw’. ‘In the video, you said this’. Oh, this is phenomenal, because I know that this person has already digested so much of my content.

They know me. I don’t have to tell them that I’m Steph, I’m 5 foot 9 high, and this wide, and I’m this old, and I’m running this business, and I’ve been doing it for this long, and I have a team, and all that sort of stuff. I don’t have to say any of that, because they’ve been able to get online, and to find all that themselves.

It was not a blind date, all this client had to do was simply fill out a form on the website, and say, “Hey, we need your help, I watched the video, let’s hook up.” I was like, “Sweet. Hey, how you going, I saw you watched the video, what are your feelings on it? What was your big takeaways?” But it was like we already knew each other, we’d already met online.

When you think about interactions, and when you think about dirty sales calls, in particularly LinkedIn, let’s say.

People are connecting with you on LinkedIn, boom.
‘Hey, I’ve got this brand new product, and I think you should buy it’, or, ‘Hey, I’m in property investing and I’ve got a house in the Northern beaches that you would love’. It’s like dude, you don’t even know me, get out of my inbox.

There is nothing worse than people just blatantly connecting with you, and then selling you something. That is the worst way to win business.

Now, doing business is a lot like finding love. You should maybe say hello to the person first, and then buy them a coffee. Almond milk, flat white, thank you. Share a meal with them, go to the movies, you see where I’m going with this, right? It’s the same thing in business. Someone should be able to read your about page and get to know you, at the bare minimum, come on! Someone should be able to look at your photo on your about page. Guys, please put a photo of you.

I know, yes, camera shy, whatever. Honestly, the more you put yourself out there, the more you realize you don’t need all this fancy lighting, and equipment, and makeup and all this stuff. You’re just you.

So let’s get photos on the about page. So then, at least if you’ve only got that, then they can read about you, and they can see you.

Wanna get one step better?
Put a video on your about page. ‘Hey, I’m Steph, and I run the business, and this is what we do here at XYZ’. That’s awesome, that’s another tick, yeah?

Social Proof
We should have a system in place so that we can drive as many reviews as possible, so that when someone does look at us, and they do a search they can see the good reviews you’ve got.

Video content is so good. If you don’t know what to create start with your frequently asked questions page. Think about the last phone call that you had with a customer, and all the questions that they had. Those are all your frequently asked questions. All those questions should have a video attached to them. You could produce a video a week. You’ve got ten questions, you’ve got ten videos, you’ve got ten weeks of content. See where I’m going here?

Okay, let’s wrap up. There are no blind dates in business, people already know who you are. Depending on how much content you have out there, is going to depend on how they’re going to judge your business, and then take action or not.