Scale with Steph | Stephanie Campanella, Keynote speaker.


Are You FINALLY Ready to DELEGATE and SCALE? It's time to join Nailing It™ with Stephanie Campanella.

It is possible to own the business of your dreams.
Be the True BOSS, Charge What You’re Worth
and Grow a Reliable Team

You’re 1 click away from having the business of your dreams.
My Nailing It™ methodology and processes will finally set you FREE.

Does this sound familiar? Nailing It™ can fix it.

“I don’t know where to find quality staff”.
“I’m not selling anything right now and I need help”
“I want more freedom from my business”
“I’m a slave to my clients”
“I have to do everything myself”
“I have no idea how to market myself”

Jasmine Andrews

After a few failed experiments in building a team, I'd pretty much given up on the idea of scaling. Stephanie helped me see that I wasn't just hiring the wrong people but the wrong roles. Following her team structure poured rocket fuel on my fire.


Christina MacIntyre

Having our own digital agency and implementing business strategies with clients it was difficult to ask for help as we should already know the answers. I found having a session with Stephanie made me excited about doing changes to my business, Stephanie's belief in her abilities is contagious. I was able to step back and gain clarity and trust in my decisions. If you feel that you are going in circles, it's likely that you don't have processes in place, contact Stephanie; it was a total win for my business, so I am sure it will be for you too.


Darren Utteridge

I was trying to be everything to everybody in my Design Business and found I wasn’t getting anywhere. Stephanie helped me see that finding a Niche in the market would help my business thrive. I really trust her experience and now I’m making positive changes to improve my business.


Shikha Colwill

I find Stephanie direct and to the point. There is no confusion and she certainly gives me the confidence to move forward. It's like I get a real buzz after our sessions and I'm charged ready to tackle any problems. Stephanie provides practical solutions that are really simple and easy to implement. She always has a positive attitude and is so full of energy. I want what she's on! Just do it! Stephanie has taught me not to think into things too much. By keeping a clear mind and a positive mindset will give me the confidence to achieve my goals. I know what my goals are and I now have the steps I can take to get there.


Stephen Wood

I'm so lucky that I was introduced to Stephanie, not only is she an absolute genius, she is also friendly, enthusiastic and a real professional who knows her stuff. Jump on the Steph train you won't regret it.


Jude Love

Steph is amazing - knowledgeable, patient, strategic and really generous. We all need a Steph Campanella in our lives.


Kylie Martin

Steph really helped me to gain clarity in where my business was lacking. She gave me the tools to help me move forward and how to clarify my niche and core product.

I connected with Stephanie right away with her super fun personality and positive attitude which was really important to me.


Nailing It™ is right for you if:

  • You want to grow your SALES CONFIDENCE and SKILLS.
  • You want to build RECURRING REVENUE into your business.
  • You want to build a system, so anyone could walk in and RUN THE BUSINESS.
  • You BELIEVE you have what it takes to build the exact business you dream of.
  • You are tired of holding back and you want someone to call you out on your BS Imposter talk.

Please DO NOT APPLY if:

  • You refuse to admit you don’t know everything.
  • You like playing it small and staying comfortable.
  • You don’t give your business the full focus it deserves.

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You KNOW you can do this. You just need the system and methodology to back you and your business.

Why will Nailing It™ Work For You?

Instead of giving you a wall of text to explain how the system and methodology works - - just watch the below video
- it’s me, #ladyboss Stephanie Campanella.

I’m a school failing kinda girl. Used to getting D’s and Es. I never quite ‘got’ school nor could I spell and I STILL can’t count. In 2009 I studied Graphic Design and fell in love with it. I left TAFE and went onto work in the Web Design field. In April 2011 at 2pm I was retrenched from my full time job. I couldn’t even go home as the bus service didn’t start till 4pm so I sat alone in St Leonards and pondered my future.

What I realised was:

  • I was a badass.
  • I was never not going to have control ever again.
  • I’ll never work for someone else ever again. I will forge my OWN DESTINY.

In 3 short years I built 2 online businesses consisting of 10 staff over in the Philippines and together we were able to ATTRACT, CONVERT and DELIVER.

This gave me TIME BACK. Time back to….

… spend more time with my dog
… go to Yoga Practice as often as I pleased.
… go surfing in the morning.
… take holidays at the drop a the hat.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a business owner who’s got no idea about marketing my business.

YES! I’ll teach you the secret content strategy which makes creating content SIMPLE.

Do I need staff before I join?

Nope - I’m going to show you where and how to hire the right staff. Apply now. You will be blown away with my hiring process.

I really suck at sales, how will I scale my business?

I’m going to give you sales strategies you can implement!

Will I have 1:1 time with Stephanie?

Yes. Every fortnight you'll have a Scale Session with #LadyBoss Stephanie.

I lack direction. How will you move me forward.

With my help we’ll design the exact business you dream of. You know it! You just haven’t uncovered it yet.

I’m confident you’ll use these to your advantage.

Everything Changes Right Now.
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...and discover whether Nailing It™ is right for you.