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Nailing It 14: Coffee Kills Business

Don’t you hate it when someone asks you to catch up for coffee. Cause they really want to pick your brain…. Is that cool? When are you free? Have you got an office? Can we get together? I wanted to bust a myth about getting coffee with people that you’ve never met before. I’m super…

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Nailing It 13: Co-Working Spaces

Well hello. Imagine this, you’ve just finished in the gym, and you make your way over to your office, grab your stuff and take a nice shower. You’re standing there in never-never land, feeling the water come down from the top and cascade over you. And yeah, you’re just … you’re there, and you’re showering…

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Nailing It 12: Don’t start again. Go Again

If you’re building a race car and taking it on the track only to find you can’t quite get enough power out of it. Or, it doesn’t quite stick around the corners.   Do you throw your entire race car out? Or do you tweak one thing. I’ve got some webinars and Facebook ads going…

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Nailing It 10: My Story – Stephanie Campanella

Hey guys. Welcome back to another episode of Nailing It with Stephanie Campanella. You might’ve noticed we changed our podcast name, yep we changed it from Your Digital Marketing Nailed to Nailing It with Stephanie Campanella. Why? Because the content is simply not just about digital marketing, the more that I hit record the more…

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Nailing It 09: There Are No Blind Dates in Business

There are no blind dates in business. Let’s just put that out there. In matter of fact, before someone buys from you, interacts with you, engages with you, they already know everything they can about you. They already know everything that they can find on the internet about you. So, my question is, what is…

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