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Nailing It 32: April Wier

On this podcast, April Wier and I sit down and talk hiring overseas staff. We’ll walk through the most common excuses and battle stories we’ve either heard ourselves or from one of our comrades out on the field. If you’re into the long read – then the transcript is below – otherwise take a listen…

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Nailing It 31: How to Price Your Product

 Welcome back to another episode of Nailing It with yours truly me, Steph Campanella. Now forgive the audio. For some reason, audacity has had the audacity to not work. And I thought, well I could put this recording off for another two weeks until audacity comes back to me via Twitter and tells me…

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Nailing It 30: Linh Podetti

Steph: Hey guys. Well, today we have the awesome Linh on the podcast. Good day Linh. Linh: Hi Steph. How are you? Steph: Hey, I’m good. Linh: That’s good. Steph: I love that we are completely matching today. Linh: I know. It’s like, great minds think alike, they say. Steph: We didn’t even have to…

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Nailing It 29: Nail The Niche

Hey crew, and welcome back to another episode of Nailing It. You’ve just got me here today, little old me, Steph Campanella. So, tune in. This is going to be awesome. What I’ve got for you is an announcement. So we nailed the niche. We launched Nail the Niche probably a few weeks ago now,…

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Nailing It 28: Jody Wilward

Stephanie C.: Well, hello nailers, and welcome back to another action packed episode of Nailing It with Steph Campanella. That’s me. Today, we have Jody. Jody Milward: Hello. Stephanie C.: So Jody Milward, right? Jody Milward: That’s it. Stephanie C.: I get so nervous when I get to the surname part. Jody Milward: I just…

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Nailing It 27: Charley Vahler

   Stephanie: All right, done. Well, hey, Charlie, welcome to the podcast. Charley: Thanks, Stephanie, it’s a pleasure to be here. Stephanie: Now I think we’re doing a bit of a swap here. I happened to be on yours I think last week, was it? Early last week? Charley: Absolutely. Stephanie: And now, this…

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