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Capture New Fish

 Are you trying to build a lead mag but NO IDEA where to start. The awesome Christine Pope called in and together we walked through my Capture New Fish™ structure so she can prepare a new lead magnet for her business. Do you want to follow along? Grab the Download here: Thanks for watching!…

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What Does It Cost To Hire A VA?

     P.S. Here are 3 ways I can help make you grow your business: Grab a free copy of my Capture New Fish™ Template Listen to the Nailing It with Stephanie Campanella Podcast. I promise to share with you, the ins and outs, my failures and successes and all my secrets. Click Here Join…

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Where can I get pictures for my website?

There is a considerable amount of time you invest in ensuring your website and social media is maintained and working precisely as planned. You create and post engaging blogs, utilize social media and steer traffic to your site. All of this is necessary, but no less important than the images visitors find there and within…

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6 Content Ideas for Your Next Inbound Marketing Campaign

If you do business online inbound, or “pull’, marketing has to be part of your marketing strategy. Relying solely on traditional outbound, or “push” marketing tactics like paid tv, print ads or even an AdWords campaign is simply not enough. Why? Contemporary audiences are savvy to the point of not wanting to be ‘pushed’ to…

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3 Must-Have Tips for Better Business Blogging

Think that a blog for your business is a little lame? Well, think again – according to marketing guru (and prolific blogger) Neil Patel if you blog regularly your business is likely to have 97% more inbound links than if you don’t. Blogging translates into more indexed pages, more search engine traffic and more visibility…

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The Effect of Social Media on Google Search’s

There are three things to be aware of when thinking of your google ranking when using social media: Your links, content, and the google algorithm, Rank Brain. You know that social media is important to business and you know that virtually no business operates without them. Social media has become a day-to-day event. People wake…

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